Newborn Session Info

While newborn sessions should ideally take place within the first 12 days of your child’s life, you can book one at any point during your pregnancy.  I will block off time right around your due date so that when your baby arrives, you can simply let me know and I’ll have plenty of time set aside for your session.  Newborn sessions take place at my studio, unless otherwise requested, at my studio my boutique offers the use of many adorable props and accessories . I recommend bring along any personal accessories you would like to include in your session, as well as milk and extra diapers.   Babies are unpredictable.  That’s why newborn sessions have no time restraints whatsoever and we’ll take as many feeding and changing breaks as you and your baby need.  From the moment you book a session, your customized photo session planning begins.  All of our emails and phone calls help perfect that your baby’s first days of life are beautifully captured.

Helpful Tips to Prepare for Newborn Session

-Photo session should be scheduled within the first 2 weeks after birth. Babies are more sleepy and less resistant to touch at this time which makes them much easier to pose.
-Give baby a bath the day of the photo shoot.
-Dress baby in an outfit that is easy to get off-nothing that goes over the head.
-Keep baby alert and stimulated for 1 to 2 hours before the photo shoot.
-Feed baby right before you leave the house, make sure they are as full as possible.
-Bring a pacifier, & Extra diapers.
-Be prepared to nurse or give the baby a bottle at some point during the photo shoot.
-The studio is kept around 85 degrees, so keep hat in mind when you’re picking out your own outfit.
-Plan on the photo shoot taking up to 3 hours.