Behind the Lens

A little about a session with me

Photography has taught me many things…a lot about life, a lot about how all of the moments of our past has brought us to this very moment were we are right now. While today may pass by and  mean nothing, tomorrow your whole world can change.  These moments that pass by so quickly, are the moments that matter, the same moments we forget all too soon but wish we could remember forever. These feelings, theses memories are what I want to capture for you, and we will all laugh a whole lot doing it.

My style is simple, clean, and timeless.  My greatest talent is patience.  I enjoy creating a calm and relaxing environment for both babies/kids and their parents. Newborn photography is what makes my heart sing . I just love their little cheeks and hair and toes.  I love when they twitch their faces when they are falling into that deep sleep and how each one has a little personality at just days old!  It’s such a wonderful time that passes way too quickly. As a parent myself, I know that they can change and grow right before your eyes! This is why I am so passionate about capturing little ones. To have those first moments, first smiles, first teeth, the giggles, the love, and family bonds captured forever. That is what I treasure, and that is why I love what I do.

Many of my clients ask me how I come up with my ideas or my techniques, that is simple, I have great inspiration. One of the best things about being a mom is seeing the world thru the eyes of a child. Colors are brighter, sugar is sweeter, their imagination cannot be tamed, that perspective is an amazing thing. This is what inspires me, my children, your children, their dreams, their wishes, simply put, kids being kids.

A little bit about Me

  • I have been photographing babies and famiies for 6 years
  • I am called Mom by 3 of the most beautiful, smart, and very energetic loves of my life.
  • I am married to my best friend for almost 9 years.
  • I am an animal lover, we currently have three dogs and three cats, and 7 chickens!!
  • I am a huge DIYer, Seriously I’m addicted to it, I spend a lot of my free time making all those fun adorable props you will see in my studio.
  • I love looking at ways to keep organized but my desk will always be messy, I come to terms with this.
  • I love being outside whenever I get the chance!!Now, enough about me, I would love to get to know you! Call or message me so we can talk about your custom portrait session! 218-452-0604